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Pjur Woman 100 ml (12 pcs)

Pjur Woman 100 ml (12 pcs)

This is a siliconbased lubricant for the soft and sensitive skin of women that particularly in the intimate area requires special attention. Pjur Woman was developed specially for women - with their feeling of wellbeing and their ability to feel with all the senses in mind: a lubricant and massage glide with an extremely long lubricant effect that leaves a soft, silky skin feeling. If the moisture balance in the intimate area should be upset because of stress, after giving birth or during menopause, Pjur Woman will restore sexual wellbeing again. This formula is completely devoid of perfumes and preservatives.

And if You would like to be pampered by Your partner with a massage, as a silicone-based body glide, Pjur woman is just the thing for an even more intensive experience. Enjoy a wonderful, velvety-smooth skin with just a dab of Pjur Woman – a girl’s best friend at certain times.

Contains no perfumes or preservatives.

By the way: Sweden’s biggest daily, "AFTONBLADET," with 2.6 million readers, ranked pjur Woman as the best product. pjur Woman came out on top for its excellent quality in a test with 12 lubricants, garnering the highest number of points and earning the „BÄST I TEST“ accolade.

Pjur Woman is dermatologically tested and safe to use with condoms.

Product specification:
Size: 100 ml

Brand: Pjur

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Pjur Woman 100 ml
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