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Siren Faux Lace Chemise

Siren Faux Lace Chemise

Attractive chemise in mesh with an elegant lace pattern.
It has a scoop neckline with long sleeves and open back.

Product specification:
Color: Black
Size: Onesize
Material: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

Brand: Chambers of Love

Lace Camisole Chemise
This sheer camisole has a n attractive symmetrical lace patterns on the side.
Bold cutout crotchless fishnet body stocking
Body stocking in fishnet with flower pattern in the waist, with bold cut outs over the buttocks.
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Body stocking in fishnet with zebra pattern.
Floral Shade Mesh Body Stocking
Body stocking with petal pattern on the upper part and low back.
Black sexy Couout Sleeved Sheer Body Stocking
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Black Fishnet Body Stocking
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Stretch Fishnet Halter Body Stocking
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Foxy Suspender Style Lace Body Stocking
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Open Crotch Rose Body Stocking
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Black Intimate Lace Detail Body Stocking
This sexy body stocking has lace detail on the bust and thighs with a bustier effect.
Floral Prin Sexy Sheer Body Stocking
Sexy fishnet body stocking in elastic nylon with floral pattern.
Open Body Stocking
Sexy body stocking with roses on and shredded shoulder straps.
Oh Holy Mary! (52 pcs)
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Designed to Fit with Palm Power Massager
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More information will come shortly.
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